Preserve Pearl Harbor's Memory on Ford Island.

The hangars and control tower stewarded by Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor, located on historic Ford Island, bear the scars of a nation's aviation battlefield. Some of these scars are intentionally preserving history, such as the blue glass windows in Hangar 79 riddled with bullet holes left by the Japanese attack.

However, many of today’s scars are not intentional.

The ravages of time are taking its toll on this historic landmark.

What is Take Stock in America

Your donation to Take Stock in America will help restore the historic buildings stewarded by Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor, sharing the stories and legacy of our “Greatest Generation,” with future generations. Help us honor our veterans from the “date which will live in infamy.”

With a gift of $100 or more, you’ll “take stock” in one square foot of this American aviation battlefield. You’ll receive a certificate suitable for framing and, more importantly, play a key role in preserving history and restoring one of our country’s most cherished historic sites―Pearl Harbor.

To donate any amount or for additional Take Stock in America benefits or giving options, click DONATE.
Together, we can help complete the story of Pearl Harbor … one square foot at a time.